About me

About me

Fashion, catwalk, exclusive clothes and extremely beautiful models nailed me to the TV screen and just enchanted since I was a child. Having seen many beauties, I used to grab the needle, scissors and start to create for my dolls ... and for myself. When I turned ten, I "became" a seamstress and, in fact, had already known how to knit, embroider, and model clothes. My family supported and encouraged me, and dreams attracted me to the new heights. Why not to try and climb up on the same dream catwalk?...

I do not remember when I came up with this idea, but when I was 16 years I was a catwalk "princess." I have to admit, I was a brave girl. The dream to step on the catwalk, where only the most beautiful women in the world walk, led me to try myself in international beauty contests. It was a real life and beauty school. Here I learned the subtleties of make-up, how to assess the quality of fabric and good style.

So, since my teens I actively worked in the field where high fashion was created and presented, where people knew how to dress and express themselves originally. All this environment trained and taught me. The podium became Mecca of my creation and dreams. I think that the catwalks of London, Milan and Paris were my moves. Although it was not easy, but the skills and knowledge gained there inspired me for an independent creation.

The visible side and backstage of fashion world, which I've seen in a very close, revealed something that was not very charming. Sometimes luxury becomes an excessive extravagance, high fashion becomes banality. Splendor in the name of exclusivity often leads to caricatural self-presentation. Status and reputation perhaps forgive for taste mistakes, however, it is quite dangerous for a self-respecting lady to lose her dignity.

Travelling around the world I have noticed that even luxury shopping centres lack party, occasional, original clothing for women. What do you do when you need to look exclusive, original, in other words, when you have to "shine"? Suppose we suddenly get an invitation to a very important event, and we need to take everyone’s breath away by original style? Or when the appearance becomes one’s card, "life or death" issue?

I came up with the idea to create such clothes for special occasions. And finally my dream came true: today I can offer women what they desire. I have my original collection, my business and I am very happy being able to offer to realize your dreams together.

I have already said that I am brave. My works are also brave, I do not restrict myself in the creation. I choose particular materials, great masters assist me.

I want the dreams of my clients to “live” in my piece of clothing, therefore, I try to make them happy and thankful.

Inspiration of everlasting femininity

If you asked me what a piece of clothing means for a woman, I would answer - it is a reflection of her inner world. It holds all the colours of life - from everyday grey to golden pink tones. The mission of a fashion creator is to reveal the marvels of a woman's inner world and give it a unique shape. I am inspired to create by dreams of special, extraordinarily experiences that give life bright colours and leave indelible memories. The clothing collection marked with MARUSHKA COUTURE brand is for women who not only love to dream, but can make their dreams come true without limiting one selves.

Amazing creatures live in each woman’s soul, full of magical power and beauty, hot feelings and creative flight. So let them spread their wings in everyday life and show their beauty!

Some of us try to look strikingly every day and care about their appearance. However, for each of us life gives unique opportunities, especially when we have to look extraordinary. Let's say a big celebration or a fancy party is coming up. We want to impress our lover and awake feelings. And sometimes we just want to add some new original costumes to our wardrobe and express ourselves through the unique image.

My source of inspiration are the reflections of eternal femininity in fashion history. In particular, I admire the Baroque fashion, which is distinguished by luxurious, majestic and sophisticated style. No other piece of clothing can reveal femininity as a classic dress, thus, I mainly create exclusive evening dresses. I also like flirtatious and sophisticated jacket and skirt suits. I use luxury fabrics for collections: satin, taffeta, fine wool, muslin, guipure and lace. The fabrics are smooth and textured, smooth and lattice, thin and thick, decorated with delicate floral motifs, ornate appliqués, natural fur and feathers, carefully embroidered with crystals. Modelling clothes I try to highlight a feminine silhouette, to accent the advantages of body shape - slender waist, graceful line of the shoulders, pretty arms and legs. The search for eternal femininity takes me through all the fashion eras, so my collection combines both Baroque details, such as blown wrinkled sleeves and long layered skirts with a train, and modern variations of a small black dresses theme.

I am very strict for details, so even the slightest flaw does not slip through my eyes - each seam of the clothing must be flawless. I also carefully choose the fabric - I try to select only the highest quality fabrics.

I am very interested in fashion history and events, I study the features of high fashion and I am constantly learning from the best, therefore, I am full of new ideas that I can offer to my female customers.

I sincerely wish that every woman who gives me an order would feel like a queen, and at the same time reveal her personality, as exclusive fashion modelling is a creative way where we move together.

My dear women, do not be afraid to be beautiful, let’s create our dreams together, I will help you climb to the dream heights. After all, the importance of clothing for a woman is a long ago proven fact.